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Monday, April 30, 2007

It's ALL Michelle Malkin's Fault!!!!

It is.

Forget the fact that I am a dweeb that knows every word from every song from The Sound of Music.

Forget the fact that I watch it once a year, religiously, because my mom and I used to watch it together every year.

It is ALL Michelle Malkin's Fault..... what is her fault you ask?

Welllllll I am GLAD you asked!!!!!!

Click and watch/listen to this video.

Now, since she did it to me, I hope I have done it to you.

It is Michelle Malkin's Fault that I CANNOT GET THAT DAMNED SONG OUT OF MY FREAKING HEAD!!!!!!!! (4 days and counting and I am STILL walking around like an idiot singing it)

Thanks Michelle.

For the record... it IS a good video, but jeeeeeeeeez, did ya have to use THAT song?