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Monday, April 30, 2007

Nancy "Damascus Diva" Pelosi's Damage

We have written much about Nancy Pelosi here and by clicking Pelosi under any of the labels below the Pelosi posts brings up a page with them all on it.

We have asked where the Democrats get their "facts" when they refuse to meet or listen to the Commander on the ground in Iraq, we have asked what side you think the democrats are really on, America's or our enemies, we have shown some of the damage that Pelosi's Polluted Politics has accomplished, we have asked if Congress is above the law, etc....

We have also shown you our soldiers words, emails, letters about Pelosi, Reid and the Democratic party in general and the damage they are doing to them.

Those can be found here, here, here, here and here as well as MANY more that can be found here.

We have shown many consequences that have occured because of Nancy Pelosi and today we are going to show you yet another bit of damage Pelosi's little trip to Syria to play footsie with al-Assad has done. (Via Atlas Shrugs)

For those who do not know who SandMonkey is, here is his goodbye post, as you will see he was a very good source as to how things were going in the Middle East.

Pam from Atlas Shrugs conducted an interview with him and in it, other ramifications from Pelosi's fumbling trip to Syria are exposed.

Atlas: Where you shocked when Hoyer met with the Muslim Brotherhood?

SANDMONKEY: Let me tell you something. I was in Turkey a couple of weeks ago and I met a couple of Syrian activists. They one thing they told me that was really funny about the Pelosi visit. After Pelosi came to Syria two things happened. People on Syrian TV were saying, "We forced the Americans to knock on the Damascus gate!" Sort of like an admission that we messed things up in Iraq so much that America had to come and beg for their help.

But the day after Pelosi's visits there were immediate arrests of Syrian activists. That was the fruit she yielded. "Oh the Americans came over and they said they have a different foreign policy and they're more interested in placating Bashar's ego." And he went out and got [arrested] everyone he wanted because he knew he had an ally in Washington that wouldn't pressure him as much.

ATLAS: Isn't that disgusting?

SANDMONKEY: Yeah, but what are you going to do?

ATLAS: We have to educate the American people. You think the American people know this?

SANDMONKEY: No, but do they even care at this point? I don't think they are interested in the discussion any more. There are people that have made up their mind, they think we need to placate the dictators because America is wrong and everyone else is always right. That's how they operate.

SANDMONKEY: What they are doing is completely irresponsible.

ATLAS: THe world is watching.........

SANDMONKEY: Of course the world is watching and the world is gloating.
Everyone wanted Bush to lose the 2004 elections. If he had lost 2004 we would not have had our push for democracy in 2005. The moment Bush won again that's when Mubarak said maybe we should have democracy because Bush didn't go away. And had Bush gone awaythere wouldn't be democracy right now ...... like there wouldn't be two years of freedom and fresh air that we were able to breathe and that' we've had.

After 2006 [elections] the change went in the opposite agenda.

Read the rest and listen to the interview yourself to understand that what happens here in America has serious ramifications all over the world and especially in the Middle East.

Just a little MORE damage that Pelosi has done in her quest to usurp the position of Secretary of State with her failed "shuttle diplomacy" as well as her desire to overstep and try to act like Congress was voted into the White House.

Diplomacy works slowly for a reason, our diplomats understand that they must tread lightly and must come up with reasonable plans that do not solve one problem while creating a dozen more.

A diplomat understands that it is better to work slowly and carefully than to risk doing damage to a whole region simply to win one point.

Pelosi is her careless, reckless, dangerous way, like a bull in a china shop, marched in to Syria without thought of consequences and decided to push her own foreign policy and attempted to do a diplomats job, in doing so she managed to give the WRONG message to Syria from Israel to which Israel had to immediately issue a correction, and like a pebble in a pond, the ripple effect started.

I do not think the SandMonkey's words will be the last words of people in the Middle East that will tell us of how those ripples have effected them and how much damage Pelosi managed to accomplish is one single trip.

Americans do need to realize that what happens here does, indeed, have consequences around the world.

Goodbye SandMonkey, I have enjoyed your blog, admired your bravery for speaking out even though it put you in danger and I thank you for everything you have done and pray you will be safe.


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