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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Syrian President Blows Nancy Pelosi Off

After getting the photo op and the "distinction" of having America's speaker of the house visit to validate him, and using her for his own purpose, the Syrian President, al-Assad then blows Nancy Pelosi off.

From the Memri Blog, hat tip to a commenter, Michael for the link.

The paper said that Assad sent a message to Pelosi that he could not meet with her: "It is not possible. I cannot meet you today. I have a very important guest from Turkey; and tonight we will watch together a soccer game. I cannot come to Damascus before he leaves. We may meet tomorrow."

Turkey's most popular soccer team Fenerbahce was in Syria at that time to play Syrian champion team Al-Ittihad.

So, not only does Nancy Pelosi blunder, bumble and screw up a simple message from Israel to Syria, but once the Syrian President has gotten what he wants from Pelosi, (which was to show the world that they both hate Bush), he blew her off royally.

Soccer...yup, beats the hell out of having to spend another counterproductive minute with Pelosi.

How amusingly sad.

[Update] Gateway Pundit has the picture. [End Update]

[Quick Update] Since I cannot read the language on the Aksam site, I have no idea exactly when this occured, just that it was during Pelosi's fumbled visit. [End Update]

[Update #3]
A quick note here about the kind of damage Pelosi has done with this one trip. My response to a commenter.

I do love seeing Nancy dissed, but by pretending to be a diplomat she has now, given the Syrian President the opportunity he so wanted, one Bush denied him.

She gave him what he considers credibility by visiting him, she also gave him the chance to publicly humiliate America by snubbing a "high ranking official" from America.

She has also managed to set Israel/Syria relations BACKWARDS.

Great Job Nancy... anything you would like to do as an encore to show more of your complete incompetence?
[End Update]

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