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Friday, April 20, 2007

My Interview With Dave Gaubatz

The Spectator has done an article with Dave Gaubatz, it is three pages and well worth the read.

A few months ago, I did an interview with Mr. Gaubatz, but being very new to blogging, I knew I would not be able to get the interview seen until I had a little more traffic under my belt.

Disclaimer: I have no way to personally verify this information, but Mr. Gaubaltz did provide me with a few emails that do verify portions of his answers.


Paul “Dave” Gaubatz, former Federal Agent, is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabic linguist and Counterterrorism specialist. He has acquired over two decades of experience while working on assignments in Middle-Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, and Iraq. Currently Chief Field Investigator with the Dallas County Medical Examiner, Dallas, Texas, Mr. Gaubatz created Gaubatz Arabic & Counterterrorism Lecture Services in December, 2004.

More History via Confederate Yankee:

In 2003, he received awards for his 'courage and resolve in saving lives and being critical for information flow'. In 2001, he was decorated for being the 'lead agent in a classified investigation, arguably the most sensitive counter-intelligence investigation currently in the entire Department of Defence' and because his 'reports were such high quality, many were published in the Air Force's daily threat product for senior USAF leaders or re-transmitted at the national level to all security agencies in US government'.

He also forwarded me emails pertaining to WMD's in Iraq between him and some of our politicians at that time.

The emails are available upon request.

Interview With Dave Gaubatz: (12-22-06)

I appreciate your time in talking with me and agreeing to provide insight to the WMD issue in Iraq and your offer to provide emails from the appropriate parties to back up your statements.

#1. Approximately what percentage of WMD suspected sites have been searched in Iraq?

ANSWER: 10% or less of all suspected sites identified by U.S. intelligence officers were ever physically inspected by the Iraq Survey Group.

#2. Are the 4 sites in your article the only suspected sites that our intelligence have made the government aware of?

ANSWER: No, there are hundreds of sites identified as possibly containing chemical, biological, or nuclear related weapons/materials. I have recently talked with citizens currently living in Iraq and one of the primary reasons many Iraqis do not now trust America is because we told them the U.S. was going to remove the WMD. Many Iraqis risked their lives and many gave their lives at the beginning of the war to come forward and tell U.S. intelligence officers the locations of WMD. The Iraqis and intelligence officers are frustrated and still waiting for them to be searched.

#3. Since May of 2006 has there been any further contact with you from anybody in our government in relation to searching these sites?

ANSWER: I met with the DIA in Nov 2006. The information was also provided to Congressman Virgil Goode (Virginia) during this time as well. I firmly believe the DIA wants to have all sites inspected, but now politics are involved and they are being prevented from taking action. I have been told this from U.S. Govt. officials. Searching for WMD now is not politically good for Republicans nor Democrats so it will not happen. U.S. Special Agents located only two miles from the sites in southern Iraq are not being allowed to search the sites nor to monitor them.

#4. Is this declassified information from June 2006 where they found 500 weapons munitions, degraded, but classified as WMD's, one of the sites that you are talking about in your article?

ANSWER: I wrote an article about the 500 weapon shells found by "Hoekstra and Santorum". This is not from one of my sites. This junk was sitting in Iraq since day 1 and everyone knew about these shells. This was politics in high gear before the elections. My article is on my web site in the Articles section. (also my website is being updated)

#5. Is this biography of you accurate and up to date?

ANSWER: In late Sept 2006 I left the Dallas County Medical Examiner to take a position in Richmond, VA. I am not at liberty to discuss my current position.

#6. Has your insistence on bringing this to the publics eyes brought about any negative consequences in your life?

Answer: It has not been a pleasant experience. Many Congressmen are upset because I came forward about their lack of action. I have received threats from some of their high ranking staff; which had been filtered down from the Congressmen involved. I have received threats from Middle Easterners who support terrorist. My worst experiences have been with some of the news organizations who are supposed to report without politics being involved. If some of my answers did not fit into their political motives, then the interview did not move forward. I have lost friendships I had for years with other Federal Agents who were in Iraq. These Agents wanted to come forward as well, but since they are active duty were military Federal Agents, they were told to be silenced (and were). Russ Caso (Chief of Staff for Congressman Curt Weldon) personally phoned some of these Agents who wanted to come forward. They ended up being disciplined for wanting to come forward. Everyone should keep in mind that I was the only "civilian" Federal Agent on the ground in Iraq at the start of the war. All others were active duty military from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).

#7. Who is actively involved in the 2007 Intelligence Summit that you will be speaking at this coming year?

ANSWER: There will be attendees from our Govt., law enforcement officers from many departments/organizations, and other former active Intelligence officers. I will be speaking with Ryan Mauro ( For security reasons I can't name the guest speaker who is invited to speak with me, but he is a former Iraqi police officer and a very good friend.

#8. Can you supply emails from the relevant parties to back up these claims?

ANSWER: I have numerous emails from Congressmen, their staff, Federal Agents, and more. I will share some of them.

(NOTE from Spree: Emails available upon request, email

#9. Are you still associated with

ANSWER: My only association with has been my contact with Ryan Mauro.

#10. If yes: In March of 2006, Ryan Mauro did an interviews saying :

(Mauro: The tapes are extremely significant in that they prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that as of the year 2000, Saddam Hussein had a secret plasma program to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, or "special bombs" as he calls them. The Duelfer Report previously concluded that this type of enrichment program ended in the 1980s, but here we have Saddam and his top advisors discussing using a power plant in the area of Basra for the program. The scientists involved in the program are not known to the UN, leaving Western intelligence clueless.

On the tapes, you hear Saddam discussing the assistance of Russia and Brazil in dealing with the United Nations. He laughs off inspections, as his son-in-law who later defects, Hussein Kamil, reports how as late as 1995 their chemical and biological programs were being hidden from the world. They also discuss keeping the ingredients for these weapons separate, so that should they be found, they will be looked at as innocent dual-use items. They were not destroyed in 1991 as the Duelfer Report concludes. There are even indications on the tapes that Iraq may have had a role in the 2001 anthrax attacks.)

Do you have access to those tapes for my readers to listen to?

ANSWER: I do not have access to these tapes. One of the sites that many Iraqis identified as having WMD is near Basrah. I provided the exact site coordinates to Congressman Curt Weldon, Congressman Pete Hoekstra, DOD, DIA, and the CIA. The site still has not been excavated. One Iraqi risked his life to take me to this location. Since that time he has received threats against his life and is now in hiding.


Factual evidence that WMD was moved from Iraq to Syria before the war...There have been senior Iraqis, Iraqi citizens, and others who have advised WMD was taken from Iraq to Syria. In order for the public to ever know the truth the U.S. Government would have to go into Syria and search various locations. This is unlikely to ever happen. If ISG did not search WMD locations in Iraq when they had ample opportunities, we should not hold our breaths that Syria will be searched. Unfortunatley the "smoking gun" pertaining to WMD will be the day terrorists unleash WMD on American troops in Iraq or worse yet in American cities where our children are. There is no doubt Saddam Husein had WMD hidden in Iraq and still does. Iraqi citizens died by providing us the intelligence on the WMD locations. We owe it to them, our troops, and America to search all sites. WMD is not a political matter, but rather a national security matter.

Additional information to add: The U.S. has the best military, law enforcement, and best government the world has to offer, but unless they are trained and educated to understand the mindset of Islamic terrorists we will suffer another Sept. 11th type of attack in the very near future. We can't play the political correct type of war that many Americans want to fight. Terrorists have various weapons and the one they count on more than any other is to be able to influence Americans and Israelis to fight amongst themselves. We are doing this in America. We are becoming a divided nation and this is one of the goals of terrorists.

As your website indicates it is time for America to wake up. thank you, Dave Gaubatz.

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