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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes.....BUMPED

I am bumping this to the top, it should be seen by all.

First I would like to thank Faultline USA for pointing me towards this touching poignant video created by an extraordinary 15 year old girl and Truth Or Consequences blog for originally posting about this.

Video below.

Do you remember when you were 15 yrs old? I do.

I was a rotten kid. I didn't get in any trouble with the law or with my parents, but I shudder now at the things I did at 15. Politics didn't interest me. The news was full of death every night on the Miami Fla. news stations.

The world was black and white. Things were either right or they were wrong. In the mind of a 15 year old, things are simple.

Things haven't changed much, politics are still nasty, the news is still full of death and destruction whether they are reporting about Iraq or the latest rapest on the loose in any given town, or murder in this or that major city, or serial killers or stalkers....whatever.

The thing about children though is they have no political agenda. None.

Which brings me to a girl named Elizabeth aka FlutieCutie from her YouTube profile.

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
I'm a sophomore in high school, and I play the flute/piccolo. I plan on joining the U.S. Army after I graduate. I only hope I can make America as proud as our troops today have, and I hope I can honor them in the way they deserve with my videos.

I love talking to American military personnel, but it's not very often that I get the chance.

Hope you all have a great day and God bless! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

She created and uploaded a video on to YouTube and after watching this video 4 times, I am still astounded that one so young could create something so beautiful and so poignant, that it brings everything down to the basics again.

Right and wrong.

Whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent or anything in between, this young woman's 5 minute video is a MUST SEE.

5 minutes. Do you have 5 minutes to spare out of your life to see todays world events through the eyes of a 15 yr old?

I did and all I can say is Thank You Lizzie.

I have never, EVER been as touched by a video as I was after watching this one.

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