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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lightening the Mood

Following a link from Take Our Country Back I found this Townhall article, but what caught my eye after reading it was the little cartoon on the left side of the page and I clicked it and found MORE CARTOONS!!!!

I figure after the tragic events at Virginia Tech and writing about them for two days, I would show some of my favorite cartoons from the above linked page, before I depressed myself any further by finally getting around to commenting on what happened yesterday.... time enough for that tomorrow.

So, without further ado......By Eric Allie

This next one was done by Chuck Asay

The next one was done by Scott Stantis

Next one is by Henry Payne

Next one by Glenn McCoy

The next one by Mike Shelton

Pick your favorite and let me know which you picked in the comment section.

Today is yesterdays tomorrow and tomorrow is yet another day.

Have a good night everyone.