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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Families United For Our Troops And Their Mission

I just received an email from Families United for Our troops and their mission.

Email was as follows:

Dear Wake up America

I am an unofficial representative of a group called “Families United for our troops and their mission” we are comprised of Gold and Blue Star families who demand our voices be heard. We grow weary of the lack of support our men and women need to achieve victory in Iraq as well as other countries where the war on terror continues. We are circulating a petition to urge congress to stop playing political football with our sons and daughters lives. I am urging you to give our little organization a look

and help us get our word out in any way you see fit. We ask of nothing in return but to counter Cindy Sheehan and her anti war activist groups like the main stream media who erode the purpose of our troop’s mission.

You have a massive audience that for the most part aligns themselves with our cause and wishes of VICTROY. And we wish that you please help us and our cause.

Yours truly Jim and Karen Irwin

Delta Ohio.

Parents of Spec. Mike Irwin member of the US Army serving in Northern Afghanistan ------

End of email

Here is the URL for the petition itself:

Here is the text of the Petition:

Whereas, we understand the War in Iraq is a necessary and just effort to bring stability to the Middle East and protect America from further attack; and

Whereas, we believe that victory can and will be achieved by U.S. and Iraqi forces fighting together for liberty and democracy in Iraq; and

Whereas, we believe all Americans should be united in our gratitude and appreciation to our military men and women for the risks and sacrifices they endure in the protection of our liberty and unalienable rights; and

Whereas, there exists amongst the citizens of the United States, disagreement regarding the appropriateness of the war on terror being waged in Iraq; and

Whereas, as Americans, we recognize that voicing these divergent views is guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, granting Freedom of Speech; and

Whereas, we further understand that these views have been appropriately voiced and debated by our Congressional Representatives; now

Therefore be it resolved

We the under-signed are indicating in the strongest of terms that we stand proudly in support of our men and women who are fighting to defend our nation and Liberty and Democracy in Iraq; that we believe victory can and will be achieved by U.S. and Iraqi forces; and we strongly oppose the efforts by some to harshly criticize and undermine the mission of our military engaged in the field -- heightening the danger that our fighting forces face on a daily basis; and

We stand with our men and women in the military to ensure that they and their families receive the support and respect they deserve here at home, and furthermore we support legislative efforts to improve the level of support for military and their families, especially those killed or injured while in action.

The under-signed proud Americans,


End of petition:

This is our military and gold star parents and families asking for our support to send a message to Congress and it would be appreciated greatly to get as many people to sign as possible.

Congress and the Senate constantly claim that they support the troops, our troops and the gold start families are telling us that you cannot claim to support the troops and not support their mission.

You can make the claim all you want, but it is a hollow claim that no one believes and won't unless you start showing your support by ACTIONS not just words that are seen as lies.

I have added the link to my sidebar and would appreciate if everyone that signs could do something on their blog to get these fine people the signatures they are asking for.

Thank you from Wake up America.

I am trying to get as many signatures as possible for these families, so if you agree with the message they are sending to congress, also please DIGG this so it can be spread around.

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