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Monday, April 30, 2007

Bank of America Boycott Update...30APR07

Bank of America Boycott Supporters:

We have two very important messages for you and greatly appreciate your
continued efforts with us.

1. VIDEO: A crowd of over 1,000 people gathered outside the White House boos
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Miller brewing during a speech.

2. We need you to read this article about Gaston County, NC pulling their funds
out of Bank of America and to send it to your local officials.

Item 1:

Please take three minutes to watch this video of my speech outside of the White
House. I was pleasantly surprised by the highly negative reaction of the crowd
when I mentioned Bank of America. You can help our efforts by distributing this
video, and making comments on it at You can also help by watching
the other videos and blogger reports to increase your understanding of our
movement and the challenges our leaders and activists face today.

Many of you are very aware of the illegal immigration crisis in America, while
others are just learning of what is really going on after the BofA scandal broke
news. This information needs your comments, needs distribution, and can help
you in your personal efforts and understanding of what we face.

VIDEO: Crowd roars to Bank of America slam outside of the White House
William Gheen's Speech in DC April 22, 2007

Collection of blogger videos from DC, Hold Their Feet To The Fire, and Lafayette
Park Rally by Dustin Inman Society
Link (3 pages containing 46 videos, more being added daily)

Blogger Reports at


Breaking News!
N.C. county spurns BoA for offering credit to illegals

Gaston county is adjacent to Mecklenburg County, NC which is the home of
Charlotte, NC which is the home of Bank of America.

We need your help!

Please distribute this information to all of your city and county leaders and
ask them to follow the lead of Gaston County by pulling taxpayer accounts out of
Bank of America. If you will send them this and call them asking them to do the
same, we will report as cities and counties across America join our boycott.

Thank you so much for your attention and help with this effort.

Kind Regards,

William Gheen
Director, National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition (NIIBC)
President of ALIPAC (Americans for Legal Immigration PAC)