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Friday, April 13, 2007

I Stand Corrected

[Update below]

Yesterday I wrote a post titled "al-Qaeda Attacks in Green Zone", my point was to show it was an al-Qaeda group that staged the attack, but the title in itself was wrong and I stand corrected.

I made the one mistake that I preach to everyone else NOT to make and even though this is only a blog and not a major news outlet, I expect the major news outlets to correct themselves, which they rarely do, so I also must hold myself to that same standards I expect the MSM to hold to.

The mistake I made was believing and repeating what the MSM had stated, I did my usual verifying through other news sources and even after finding dozens of stories on the subject, I guess I should have somehow found a way to verify the one part of the story that ended up being wrong among ALL the news sources.

The Parliament building was NOT IN THE GREEN ZONE.

Although no one has specifically pointed to my post and corrected it, I found myself reading a piece over at BlackFive and wish to make this correction after reading this piece.

BlackFive has a statement up from a state department source:

First and foremost of all, I want to thank all of you who have rushed e-mails and calls to me to see that I am Ok, in light of the suicide bombing of the Iraqi Parliament cafeteria. It was most heartening.

For those of you who did not care enough to e-mail me, it's OK, I'm all right.

Actually, depite the reporting I've heard from CNN, BBC and NPR, which keeps up the ominous drone of doom about the terrorists breaching the Parliament buliding in "the heart of the heavily fortified Green Zone," the FACT is the Parliament building is NOT IN the Green Zone. We turned it over to the Iraqis in 2006. And when it was, it was at the outer NW edge of the Green or International Zone.

Of course, no one here especially expects the press, with its now, 4 year old biases to get it right. But that being said, I am beginning to believe there is something else going on here that this episode illustrates, which in an unfortunately perverse way, suggests deeper progresss.

Please read the rest of what this man had to say....

I will also be adding a link to my previous piece to this correction.

My apologies for stating it wrong in the first place.

[Update] Some say it IS in the Green Zone, others say it is not. Since I am not there, I cannot say with certainty one way or another.
[End Update]