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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Left Owns Defeat: Buy YOUR T-Shirt Now!!!

Huge, Gigantic, Tremendous HAT TIP to yankeemom, a Blue Star Mother that supports her child, our troops, the Commander-in-Chief AND their mission!!!

I have advertisements on the site, a girl has to earn her money you know? With that said, rarely do I encourage people to buy anything via a blog post.... this though, is WELL WORTH it and I recommend everyone get their own!!!!!

From Laconic-T:

It says..... "The Left Owns Defeat"

Buy it, wear it loud and wear it proud and let the Left know we see them for what they are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Disclaimer, added after the original post was published. I do not make dime off these t-shirts, I will gladly help sell them for FREE.

Quick Update from Gateway Pundit " Iranian Regime Is "Proud to Be Democrat"