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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Step Closer To WW3 – Obama Sends Paratroopers To Poland

By Susan Duclos 


"Fresh signs the situation in Ukraine may be unraveling."


In response to the situation in Ukraine, the US has "expanded" their military exercises and have sent paratroopers into Poland. The Obama administration is taking us step by step, closer to an all-out war with Russia and China, by escalating threats, military and those of further sanctions against Russia.


Many have said that since Obama failed to start a world war using his al-Qaeda rebels in Syria, the focus now is to create a situation in the Ukraine, that will lead to a world war to cover up an economic collapse in the United states as well as the global economic reset that we have been warned is coming.

It takes an arrogance of unbelievable proportions to order Russian President Vladimir Putin to "stop sowing unrest in Ukraine," when it was the West, including the US, that supported the overthrow of the Ukrainian elected president, in order to insert a puppet for the west in the form of neo-Nazi's, which have taken over leadership in Ukraine.

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[Bratnote:  Have added my own post, with breaking news video of the US troops, here]