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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

'Everybody In The Government Will Tell You! We Will Have A Cyber Pearl Harbor!'

By Susan Duclos


The headlined quote comes from global financial analyst and author of  the "Coming Cyber-Economic Attack," where he discusses America's vulnerabilities, weaknesses that every country hostile to us and friendly, knows about and those are 1) manipulating our stock markets; 2) attacking out infrastructure and; 3) ruining our currencies.

Mr. Freeman provides ample evidence of not only this being a well known fact, but that top officials from other countries have acknowledged that they know these vulnerabilities. Freeman also provides recent examples of subtle and not-so-subtle threats to attack the US on all of those fronts.

The video below is interesting for another reason as well. Freeman provides some common sense preparations that should be made, many of which preppers have been urging Americans to do for a while now to protect ourselves should any or all of the above weaknesses be exploited and with the hostilities against the US in today's world, that appears more and more likely.

Freeman's key quote, headlined, comes at the end where he points out that everybody, including top US officials, will tell you that we will, indeed, have a cyber Pearl Harbor.

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