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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Something Very Strange Is Going On

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News


Just ran across a very interesting video from perrrfection and until I followed her steps I thought she might be seeing something that is not there, but the evidence is undeniable that she is right, something VERY strange is going on at YouTube and her conclusion that it is happening by governement aka Fed trolls, is more than just likely because anyone that can upload 600-700 videos in one day, sometimes dozens of longer videos in the same hour, is using servers far more powerful than ordinary folks sitting at a store bought computer using cable, DSL or satellite.


What our videographer notices is that brand new accounts at YouTube, with virtually no subscribers, most using actors' names are mirroring economic and war themed videos, in the hundreds, a day.


One example she uses is the new YouTube account "Gary Cooper", with one subscriber, yet when I looked at his account I say that four days ago he uploaded 634 videos and that was the only activity for the whole account and he has one subscriber total, or did when I looked.

perrfection's video came out four days ago and another example she used was "Robert McKim," when searching for that name, which she shows clearly in the video below, the name "Naomi Trus" pops up all over the place at the YouTube site, showing that the account name was changed after the videographer below highlighted it, and dear ole Naomi had uploaded 694 videos.... IN ONE DAY, after changing the name on the channel.

Other names are shown in the video below as examples.

Another point made is that the majority of these videos deal with conflict, economics, war, etc...... which makes the videographer wonder if they are using these accounts to set up a false flag event, using them to "prepare" people for what is coming.


Watch below, do the searches on YouTube yourself, and see if you don't come to the same conclusion.


Something very strange is going on.

(H/T James for the head up on this