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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Texas Vs BLM: Armed, Dangerous And Still Stealing Ranchers’ Land And Livelihoods

By Susan Duclos

Armed militias and supporters forced the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) to back off of Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada, but the theft of ranchers' property and livelihoods across the US has not stopped.

Case in point, Texas, but the difference here is the Attorney General in Texas, Greg Abbott, backed by Texas Governor Rick Perry, are standing up for their ranchers and against the BLM'S 90,000 acre land grab, unlike the officials in Nevada.

Videos, images and firsthand accounts made it very clear that the BLM were not only armed and dangerous, but were not above abusing people and the cattle on the Bundy ranch, running some of those poor animals to death and point blank executing some of their bulls. The images of the BLM surrounding the family, guns drawn, snipers aiming their weapons on supporters, videos of BLM agents throwing a pregnant woman to the ground and tasing a Bundy family member, mass cattle graves, and lets not forget those zones marked as "First Amendment" areas.

One rancher explains his battle with BLM along the Red River area and how it affects him, with the four options BLM claims it is considering for that land, those being; 1) Close it; 2) Leave it open; 3) Open it with limitation and; 4) Disposal.

Kenneth McAlister talks about the least objective of those options, quote below:

"That's a perspective that a lot of folks have to the extent that they believe the public land was held in private ownership; that would be their perspective," McGuire says. "BLM's perspective is that the land in question has always been in the public domain. It has never been privately held."

It's a move McAlister says is cheap.

McAlister says, "I wouldn't have no oppositions against that but I think it would be still kind of unfair."

He says, "I've already tended to the land. I've already paid taxes on it. I've already assumed that I take ownership of it. It's been in my family since the late 50s. It's pretty hard to say that it is not ours."

In the video below, another rancher, Tommy Henderson, affected by the BLM land grab, speaks with Breitbart Texas, along with a couple Texas officials, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, about the out-of-control BLM.

Photo above - BLM snipers aiming at people filming them

Cattle being removed from mass cattle graves the BLM buried them in

Stand off between Bundy supporters and BLM, where supporters demanded the release of Bundy's cattle

Bundy cattle slaughtered by BLM

BLM "First Amendment Area" sign

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