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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Mother of All Conspiracies -Dr. Jim Garrow With Sheila Zilinsky On The Weekend Vigilante

By Susan Duclos

Sheila Zilinsky from The Weekend Vigilante is joined by Dr. Jim Garrow a former CIA operative with over 40 years knee deep in staggering intel; until they cut him loose for exposing the one thing they didn't want you to know...the motherload, according to the email Sheila sent me.

Mankind faces a common foe. This nefarious foe presumes that they have the God-given right to exert full spectrum dominance over every area of our lives. The globalists have left an unmistakable paper trail in which their real agenda is being exposed-could their true agenda really be the extermination of mankind?

As the show's title states, this is the mother of all conspiracies!