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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Creepy Factor Just Rose To The Nth Degree! Gov’t ‘Gang Stalkers’ Exposed

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News


The US government actually hires people into a 'Gang Stalking' program where people, hired and paid by the US government are sent out among the rest of the population to deliberately "harass and use psychological tactics (such as gas-lighting and directed conversation)," in public places such as shopping malls, retail outlets, medical facilities, airports, parks, movie theaters, according to the video below by PrePackagedNews.


This is in addition to the Internet trolls, shills and PR agents the government hires to deliberately troll the Internet for information the government doesn't want the general populace to know about, to distract and redirect the conversation by providing government approved links or simply ignoring the focus of an article to personally attack either the writer, another commenter, etc.... anything to refocus attention away from the damaging information the government wants shut down.


This also brings up the question of whether these "gang stalkers" are reporting back to their handlers what the conversation was, perhaps taking pictures and taking down names, addresses, car license plates and "tagging" those individuals who are considered dissidents? Are they recording these conversations?


Exactly how far are these stalkers supposed to go? What are their full set of instructions? Is there a prepared script they follow? Are they also sent out with disinformation to stoke fear, prepare the masses for a false flag event? 

An important lesson here is DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS..... ignore them, pretend they do not exist, continue sharing your information, discussing topics with those commenting, chatting, emailing about the actual focus of the articles or discussion.

Furthermore, if you are out and about, having a conversation with friends and some stranger attempts to butt in to your conversation, tell them mind their own business!!