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Monday, April 14, 2014

Sharyl Attkisson On White House Harassment & CBS Bias

By Susan Duclos


Sharyl Attkisson was a CBS reporter, an Emmy award winner, that exposed the Obama administration lies on Fast and Furious' operation, ObamaCare, and the 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, until she quit, after story after story was rejected by CBS News due to White House harassment and threats over her relentless pursuit of justice, and to hold the White House responsible for their conduct.


In the video below, Attkisson exposes the corruption of the mainstream media and the part the White House and politics in said corruption and calls it a "chilling effect" from the Obama administration on journalists.


The MSM is completely controlled by Washington, they are nothing more than puppets and any journalist with integrity that stands for what journalism used to stand for, meaning holding our politicians accountable and informing the general public of the truth, is forced out and/or gagged.

Key Quote:

ATTKISSON: I didn’t run into that same kind of sentiment [at CBS] as I did in the Obama administration when I covered the Bush administration very aggressively, on its secrecy and lack of Freedom of Information responses, and its poor management of the Food and Drug Administration and the national laboratories, the Halliburton-Iraq questions of fraud. I mean, there was one thing after another. The bait-and-switch of TARP, the bank bailout program. All of those stories under Bush were met with a good reception. There were different managers as well, but no one accused me of being a mouthpiece for the liberals at that time.

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