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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bundys' & Supporters Beware! Fed Precedent Set

By Susan Duclos


In the video below Gary Franchi from NextNewsNetwork reminds viewers of a couple named Ed and Elaine Brown, pointing out the similarities between the Browns and the Bundy Reanch standoff.


The Browns' refused to pay federal taxes unless they could be shown an actual law on the books indicating that taxes were mandatory, garnered supporters against the federal government and holed up in their home for nine months, surrounded by supporters that raveled to defend them against the Feds.


Much like the Bundy family has garnered supporters from across the country, all who traveled to come to the defense of the Bundy family, after a 20 year legal battle with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over paying the federal taxes for grazing on "public land," while he doesn't recognize the BLM's right to tax him on land he and his family had been using since before the creation of the BLM.


Nine months later, posing as supporters, US Marshall's arrested the Browns by pretending to be supporters. Then they rounded up four of their supporters, all in different states, and arrested them for aiding and abetting the Browns.


While much of the story is similar, there are also some very large differences between the two cases.


1) The Browns' had actually been convicted of a crime, whether one agrees with them about the conviction or the tax issues, there was a warrant for their arrest, the Cliven Bundy has a judgement against him and an order for the cattle.


2) Researching the Browns, it appears that while they did indeed have supporters, the numbers were nowhere near the amount of supporters and militia members that turned out for the Bundy family, nor those promising to show up and defend the Bundys' should the BLM return for round two.


3) While the Browns' did receive coverage, it was not to the level the Bundy Ranch range war has seen and continues to see nationally.


4) The BLM has now been shown to have abused, tortured and slaughtered the cattle they claimed to be rounding up to sell at auction, as has been shown by the mass cattle graves that have been splashed across the Internet since the BLM were run off by Bundy supporters.


5) Proof has now been made public that the BLM went far beyond the scope of their court order to round up cattle. They destroyed private property, they were filmed throwing a woman to the ground, tasering a Bundy son, and captured in all their glory setting up signs that declared "First Amendment Area."

6) Politicians from multiple states, including Nevada Assembley woman Michele Fiore, stood in support of the Bundy family at the ranch.


Still, the similarities are enough that the Bundy family and their supporters and every single patriot that went to defend them, should beware, because the Feds will not give up and they will try to infiltrate if they haven't already.


Nine months is a long time, which is how long the Browns stayed holed up....... so militia members at the Bundy Ranch, those saying they are prepared to stay to prevent a raid, need to ask themselves how long are they prepared to stay? 


If the Bundy range war was the final straw, when the silent finally rose up to say enough in one voice, then organizers had best start deciding how the Bundys are going to be protected in the long term.


The same can be said about the high profile supporters because there is no doubt the Feds know exactly who they are, where they live and where they go.

Cross posted at Before It's News