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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video! FEDS Terror Rampage Kills Cattle & Leaves #BundyRanch Trail Of Destruction

By Live Free or Die - Cross posted in full from Before It's News with permission

Federal government terrorists masquerading as Bureau of Land Management employees left a devastating trail of destruction on Bundy Ranch including the murder of two of Cliven Bundy’s cattle as well as destroying property as shown in the FOX news video below.

Even the FOX news broadcaster correctly calls the BLM terrorists ‘rustlers’ as throughout the nation, a call goes out to disarm the Bureau of Land Management (and ALL the alphabet soup agencies) while others are calling for ALL the rogue US government agencies to be put out of business, forever, by completely disbanding rogue agencies that no longer serve the interests of the American people such as the DHS, the NSA, the IRS and the TSA. (Report starts at 6 second mark)