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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Steve Quayle & Greg Everson – Nevada Range War – ‘Power Of The Individual’ Against Gov't Tyranny – Hagmann & Hagmann

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News


Doug and Joe Hagmann are joined by Steve Quayle and Greg Everson, where from the very start they discuss the recent Nevada range war, the actions of the federal government and the inaction on the part of the County sheriff and Nevada government and how the power of the individual over government tyranny, was proven in the final analysis.


The points made by both Everson and Quayle are spot on, the county sheriff, Gillespie held all the power within his county, yet sat back and did nothing until the very end, after pictures and images of a federal government agency completely out-of-control, were splashed across the alternative media, the internet, social media anf finally even certain news outlets within the MSM.


Just a few of those points:

• We saw the power of the individual against a tyrannical example of government overreach

• County sheriffs hold supremacy over state matters

• The BLM only got away with what they did for as long as they did because the county sheriff felt "beholden" to the Feds

• The Feds depended on the lack of involvement from both the county sheriff and the governor.


The governor Brian Sandoval does not escape the scathing judgement either, as he also held power to have the federal officials removed before the "people" of the US aka militias from across the country, showed up in large numbers to support Cliven Bundy and his family against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), facing off with them and forcing them to back off and return the cattle they had taken from the Bundy Family, but not before images of  women being thrown to the ground, men being tasered, cattle being rounded up in a manner that left many dead, "First Amendment Area" signs highlighted as if this whole country isn't a First Amendment Area, were spotlighted for the country and the world to see.


There is much more in the video below, the above statements are just the tip of the iceberg, but one last point here from what the discussion entails, what we saw was a county sheriff and governor who are now politically and personally compromised.