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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Warning! CIA Plants Likely Involved In Cliven Bundy Standoff

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News 


In the video below, AMTV's Christopher Greene explores the still tense situation in Nevada with Cliven Bundy and the Range War that occurred last week, where the federal government backed off in the face of awakened freedom fighters, militias, media and Bundy supporters, who not only forced the Bureau of Land Management to cease their operations, but then faced off with them again at the gates of the compound they used to hold the cattle they stole from Mr. Bundy.


Greene warns about the federal government's use of this situation to gather intelligence on not just those that went to stand with Bundy, but those reporting on it in favor of Bundy, those sharing on social media, which some say allowed the government to "tag" what they consider dissidents.


Greene also issues another warning for when, not if, the Feds decide to escalate the situation again, stating that it is more than likely that there is a CIA plant, or one from any of the other alphabet agencies, infiltrating the Bundy supporters or militia groups standing with him, in order to fire the first shot so the liberal mainstream media can spin it as the fault of those supporting Bundy.


This is not the first time this has been mentioned and it is quite likely that many militia groups have been infiltrated far before this situation came to a head last week, in order the for the government to know their plans, their capabilities, their hot buttons, in order to ultimately dismantle, discredit and/or disarm them.


Listen carefully below because our freedoms, our ability to stand up against tyranny as was done in Nevada, depends on understanding the methods the government will and do use in order to strip our liberty and rights from US citizens.