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Monday, April 28, 2014

Teacher Confiscates Bible From 2nd Grader During ‘Read To Myself’ Time

By Susan Duclos

 The war against Christians and religions continues to rage on, right here in the USA, as a teacher confiscates a Bible from a 2nd grade student during "read to myself" time. 

The family of the child immediately went to Liberty Institute, who sent a letter to the school. The parents choose to remain anonymous because they do not wish to put a target on their child's back for fear of retaliation, according to KHOU Houston News.
In the news video below, you will see another parent make the excellent point that the children are allowed to read books like "Hunger Games" where kids are forced to kill each other, yet the Bible, the 2nd grader's book of choice, is taken away from her.
Make no mistake, this is an outright attack against Chritians and those that practice their religions.

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