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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bundy Ranch Chinese Debt Exchange Exposed! Reid And Obama Are Traitors To The US (Video)

By Susan Duclos


in the video below Gary Franchi is joined by New York Times best selling author and World Net Daily Senior Writer Jerome Corsi, who exposes the entire dirty dealings and schemes behind the federal goverments attempt to forcefully drive Cliven Bundy out of business, and ultimately off his land as part of China land swap deals orchestrated by the Obama administration and Harry Reid.


Corsi exposes Reid's alliance with a Chinese energy company and blows open the connections between Washington legislators and the debt exchange to give US land to China. China owns the US at this point, lock, stock and barrel, and the fact that the Bundy Ranch story exploded so far and wide across the country on social and alternative media, yanked the roof off of hell and allowed us to see the monsters inside.

Even more chilling is the methods the US government employed to sell "we the people" out to the Chinese, which comes directly from the Chinese playbook of violent "forced evictions." 


Listen below to see what the Bundy Ranch standoff and range war was all about!

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