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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Fight For Faith - Christians Under Attack Everywhere! (Video News Report)

By Susan Duclos


In the video News Report below it speaks to the persecution and attack against Christians in the Middle East and recent statements by the Israeli Ambassador to the UN comparing this attack to the persecution of Jews.

While the video speaks for itself in terms of proving this attack against the Christian Faith, they make the same mistake, or deliberate omission, that other media outlets continue to make, they ignore the fact that the Christian faith is under attack right here in the US as well, by the US government.


No matter the religion, or even if one choose not to practice any religion, no practitioners of ANY faith, as long as they are practicing it peacefully, should be attacked. 


In the video they ask what the US should do about the attacks against Christians across the Middle East, but in reality, the US should worry first about our own government attacking faith before addressing others.

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