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Saturday, January 07, 2023

With The 'Uniparty' And US Intelligence Agencies Declaring War Upon The American People, There Is No 'Rule Of Law' In America Until These Treasonists Have ALL Been 'Hung High'

January 2, 2023 

With The 'Uniparty' And US Intelligence Agencies Declaring War Upon The American People, There Is No 'Rule Of Law' In America Until These Treasonists Have ALL Been 'Hung High'

By Richard McDonough of the Blue State Conservative for All News Pipeline

Many in our “news” media (aka the Democrat Party Propaganda Unit) were thrilled when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and other members of the Republican Party like Liz Cheney, criticized Donald Trump, for example, when, upon the publication of the recommendations of the transparently partisan and politically motivated Jan. 6th Committee, McConnell said that “the entire nation knows who is responsible for [the Jan. 6, 2021Capitol riots].” 

Since McConnell did not mention anyone by name and since it is now verified that Nancy Pelosi knew about the threat of violence on Jan. 6th but refused the National Guard troops Trump offered, one can only assume that McConnell must mean that Pelosi is responsible for the riot. Only kidding! McConnell would never criticize his fellow “Uni-party” Democrat Party BFF’s in that way. McConnell reserves his ire for the only Republican to have won the presidency in the past 13 years (the one virtually nobody said he could win in 2016) and his supporters. McConnell plainly means that the entire nation knows that Trump is “responsible” for the riot on Jan. 6th. 

In fact, that claim is transparently false. To take one significant example, the distinguished George Washington University professor of constitutional law, Jonathan Turley, a self-described liberal Obama voter, finds that the Jan’ 6th Committee’s legal case against Trump is extremely weak. 

In fact, since Turley actually knows something, in contrast with the plethora of partisan talking-heads paraded daily across our television screens singing from the same hymnal, and since Turley has somehow, in our petty partisan age, managed to retain his integrity, anyone who actually wants to discern the truth on controversial political issues should always consult Turley’s legal opinion on the relevant factual and legal issues of the day to check their own opinions. One must, therefore, wonder why McConnell is so eager to make transparently false statements to smear his Party’s last successful presidential candidate. It makes one wonder whose side McConnell is really on.

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It is, further, a bit surprising that Democrats and the media are so moved by McConnell’s claim because they normally detest him. In fact, the “news” media decides which of McConnell’s assertions to celebrate depending on whether they support their Democrat Party narrative or not – or, putting the same point a bit differently, the media’s decision whether to celebrate McConnell’s claims or not is entirely unprincipled. 

In fact, McConnell’s recent decision to support the irresponsible partisan Democrat omnibus spending bill that is nothing more than a left-wing wish list, including, …, provides less than admirable explanation why McConnell might criticize Trump. Since McConnell, and many of the usual suspects in the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, etc., were not willing to demand that the Senate wait just two weeks for the Republican House to be seated in order to give Republicans some leverage in negotiating a more responsible spending bill, for example, to force Biden to control the southern border, one must consider the possibility that these so-called Republicans are not what they purport to be but are actually members of a greedy bipartisan anti-American globalist party. In that case McConnell’s implied, and frankly silly, claim about what “the entire Nation knows” about the Jan. 6 riots may reflect the fact that he is a closet greedy anti-American of the bipartisan globalist Uni-party whose members are happy to sell the United States down the river in exchange for their personal wealth and power. 

If, therefore, what passes for our “news” media wish to be fair and determine the actual truth of the matter as opposed to protecting Democrats, then they must decide whether McConnell is correct that Trump led an insurrection on Jan. 6th 2020 to overthrow the US government by explicitly telling the protestors to “go peacefully to the Capitol to make your voices heard” or whether the Jan. 6th Committee is just the latest installment of a never-ending conspiracy, literally beginning with the Washington Post’s announcement a few minutes after Trump was inaugurated in Jan. 2017 that the effort to impeach Trump had begun, to the Russia collusion hoax paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, the Lafayette Park photo-op hoax, the Russian bounties on American troops hoax, the fact that courts in battleground states made unconstitutional changes to the voting laws to help Biden, the massive campaigns by Twitter and other social media companies, cooperating our “intelligence agencies,” exposed by Elon Musk, to censor the free speech of Americans in order to deny the 2020 election to the only person who has stood up to the anti-American globalists, namely, Donald Trump. 

If the former hypothesis is true then Trump did some very bad things on Jan. 6, 2022, but if the latter hypothesis is true then Trump is a hero who is enduring what no candidate for office should need to endure for the mere sin of running against a globalist “establishment” in both parties that has become thoroughly corrupted. If the latter is true, then McConnell and his Democrat and Republican allies are the real villains. Which of these hypotheses is true? 

The Democrat-media collusion team seems to know which of them is true, namely that Trump led an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021. Unfortunately, these “journalists” have not investigated both alternatives. Don Lemon’s comical claim that deciding the truth should be left to Lilliputian “journalists” like himself just won’t cut it, at least not for adults. Further, the Jan. 6 Committee was set up in violation of House rules composed entirely of “never-Trumpers” with no opportunity for cross examination of “witnesses,” some of whose testimony appeared to fall apart. 

The committee announced in advance its conclusion that Trump led an insurrection. Wasn’t that supposed to be announced at the end of the “investigation” after they actually examine the evidence? And just recently, the committee made clear that its aim is political, namely to prevent Trump from running for office again. Isn’t that supposed to be left up to “the people” in elections? Isn’t using the legal process to defeat political enemies the sort of thing they do in banana Republic’s or in the Soviet Union? Is that constitutional?

In order to determine which alternative hypothesis is correct one will need to do “investigations” of Dinesh D’Souza’s hypothesis that (more than) 2000 “mules” where recruited by Democrats to stuff ballot boxes, Mollie Hemingway’s claim in Rigged that Mark Zuckerberg paid large amounts of money to plant Democrat operatives in ballot counting centers in key swing states, Dick Morris’ claim that the election was rigged by widespread media suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the question who organized the 51 former intelligence officers that signed a letter just before the 2022 election claiming falsely that the Hunter Biden laptop is “Russian disinformation” and so on. One presumes that the Democrat-media colluders know what an investigation is because they feel entitled to investigate anything Trump but never seem interested in any investigation of Democrats. What are they are afraid of?

Until such investigations have been completed what passes for our “journalists” cannot claim to know whether Trump is guilty or whether he has been framed by a bipartisan team of unscrupulous power-intoxicated individuals. It’s called “fairness”. One actually has to consider both sides of the argument. Imagine that! Perhaps, some of what remains of the journalistic profession have encountered the concept somewhere along the way. Perhaps not. 

Which is it? Is Trump a dangerous insurrectionist or was he targeted by power-hungry establishment elites in both parties, typified by Sen. Mitch McConnell, because he is the first president with the courage to stand up to them, rather than cashing in like most?

Mark Twain did not, for nothing, say that “There is no distinctly American criminal class except congress.”

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