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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Militia Still Flocking To #BundyRanch To Protect And Defend! (Video News Report)

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted at Before It's News


In this newly released video from Blaine Cooper, we see a news report on how militia members from across the country are still flocking to the Bundy Range, the recent location of the highly publicized "range war" where Cliven Bundy was fighting for his livelihood, his property and our liberties against government overreach and tyranny.


As is explained by 8Now News in the video below, the continued need for guards to protect Bundy stem from the knowledge that the battle is not over, despite the Bureau of Land Management federal agents backing off and releasing the Bundy cattle they rounded up, killing many in the process and leaving a trail of destruction on Bundy property in their wake, because inside sources have stated their is a planned raid in the works.


These militia members and Bundy supporters are planning to stay for weeks to protect and defend.


Via a Facebook message, I am told that some on the ground are planning a round the clock protection detail for up to three months. 


Via the message:

Ranch update : We need 30-50 men to man posts for guard duty and rotate shifts. We have a Field Kitchen and 3 meals a day if homeless Vets want to help We are occupying the Ranch for 3+ months.

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