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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bundy Battle: 1st Salvo Of Revolution

By Susan Duclos


By now most know the the story of Cliven Bundy, how the federal government, via the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), arbitrarily decided in the 1990s to insist Nevada ranchers in the Bunkerville area stop their cattle from grazing in areas the BLM deemed to be protected for the desert tortoise. Many ranchers have been forced off their land as was explained by one of Bundy's neighbors, who was threatened then forced off his land.


Long story short, Bundy decided to stop paying the federal "grazing fees", yet continued to pay his state fees and/or taxes, fought this battle for 20 years before it came to a head and BLM brought the full force of the federal government in, armed agents, snipers, K-9s, attacked and assaulted Bundy supporters, and all caught on film for not only the country, but the for the world, to see.


The BLM issued a statement they were ceasing operations due to "safety" issues and then the militias, neighbors and Bundy supporters faced off with them at the BLM compound gates and demanded the release of hundreds of heads of cattle that they had stolen. They did so.


Caught up? Good.


In the video below, Todd Starnes joins Fox and Friends to discuss why one rancher's battle against the federal government created a firestorm on social media and captured the attention of America.


Americans are fed up with government's intrusion into their lives and Mr. Bundy became a symbol of the freedoms that are insidiously being taken away and patriots from all over the country stood up, traveled to the Bundy Ranch to stand for this one man against a government agency that seemed to think it was alright to section off areas and mark them as "First Amendment" areas.


As Starnes so succinctly points out, this event was the 1st salvo of the Revolution against big government.


The entire video is a must see.


What now? Well, Before it's News has been warned that the US government used this standoff to track "patriot resistance,", monitor communications and internet trafiic and "tag" Americans that supported Cliven Bundy... full explanation on that and much more, in this newly released article here, by Live Free or Die. 


The bright side, other than Mr. Bundy getting his land back and his cattle back, is that Americans watching at home, were also able to see the overreach and militarization of the federal government.

Americans saw images and video footage of armed federal agents throwing a pregnant woman to the ground tasing a Bundy son, all because they practiced their right to assemble and their free speech outside the government's "First Amendment Area."

Americans saw the federal government inhumanely rounding up the Bundy cattle, killing some in the process.

Americans that generally get their news from the MSM, had front row seats to the tyrants the US government has become by way of video cameras, and on sight reporting by alternative media.


So yes, the government took our measure, but we took theirs as well and found them wanting.

Cross posted at Before It's News