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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sheriff Mack To Feds – Stand Down! Stand For America! (Must-See Video)

By Susan Duclos - Cross posted from Before It's News


In the video below, Sheriff Richard Mack joins the Bundy Family press conference to not only rip into sheriffs, bureaucrats and politicians, but with a message for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agents and federal agents that are told to pick up their high powered rifles and prepare to shoot people who are protecting their livelihood and families.


Say no, stand down and go home!  Say you won't do that for a paycheck and a pension. Mack tells them to Stand With America!


Mack is 100 percent correct, this is a choice BLM and federal agents are making and the words "just following orders" aren't going to cut it with the millions of Americans that watched this entire fiasco play out.  Americans watched fellow Americans, via the BLM agents, terrorizing a family, a community, assualting Bundy supporters with tasers and K-9s, throwing a pregnant woman to the ground, setting up a "First Amendment Area," as if the whole country isn't a First Amendment zone! 

As Mack says below  "They have to know better."

This impassioned plea to feds everywhere is a must-see.