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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Martial Law’s A Guarantee – Jim Willie

By Susan Duclos

In the video below from Finance And, Elijah Johnson interviews Jim Willie, but there is a quote at the very beginning which I will transcribe here and then just let the video interview speak for itself... it is powerful and encompasses the events we are seeing in the world today.

"For thirty years we've been exporting price inflation. Now we're going to import 200% price inflation... this is going to be a nightmare of price inflation and product shortages... and then you get the violence at the supermarkets, at the gas stations, and at the ATM machines... society is going to have a hard time managing it, Martial Law's a guarantee." - Jim Willie

Via the video details

- Japanese economic collapse ahead ►1:13
- Former Bank of Japan Governor says Japan's QE is ineffective at helping economy.** What about the Federal Reserve's QE? ►4:40
- Russia to stop trading in U.S. dollar; petrodollar system is ending ►8:44
- How will the average American be affected by the collapse of the petrodollar system - possible hyperinflation in U.S. ►15:19
- Is it too late to prepare? ►24:56
Jim Willie online ►

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