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Saturday, January 07, 2023

Stories Of America's Descent Into Madness Surround Us And Are Directly Tied To Democrat Politics - 'The Purge Law' Begins As Left Creates A 'Criminal's Paradise' That 'Jeopardizes Everyone'

January 3, 2023 

Stories Of America's Descent Into Madness Surround Us And Are Directly Tied To Democrat Politics - 'The Purge Law' Begins As Left Creates A 'Criminal's Paradise' That 'Jeopardizes Everyone' 

By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The story over at the Daily Mail a few days ago was heartbreaking but speaks volumes about America's rapid descent into insanity. Reporting a 10-year-old Milwaukee boy has been taken into custody after killing his mother for refusing to buy him an Oculus virtual reality headset that would have cost about $500, the child actually asked the judge in his case to lower his bond from $50,000 to $100, the amount he had in his piggy bank, so he could get out of jail. 

With the young child asking family members to make sure his electrical gadgets were all stored nicely away so when he got out, they'd be there for him to play with, the boy, who, according to family members has 'rage issues' and hears imaginary people, might not even have been held in prison if he'd murdered his own mother in the state of Illinois. With a new law just going into effect there on January 1st that critics have dubbed 'The Purge Law,' as was reported in this new story over at The Sun, as they warn, "THE PURGE BEGINS - US braces for crime wave as ‘Purge’ law comes into effect giving criminals two-day head start before cops can hunt them." 

Reporting also that critics are enraged that violent criminals will just be put back on to the streets to commit more crimes against 'the innocent,' another person who'd love to live in the state of Illinois right now would be 'Nikki Secondino' of New York, a 22-year-old 'transgender,' who just beat her very religious dad to death with a hammer, also stabbing its' younger sister, leaving her in critical condition, 

With this story over at The Sun reporting 'Nikki' told law enforcement it just 'wanted them dead,' those three stories are just the tip of the iceberg showing America's rapid descent into insanity, but none of us should be the least bit surprised because this is what happens when a society moves away from 'the truth' to push its' lies, mental illnesses in huge numbers.

And one more story that recently came out showing us a direct link between this insanity and the White House is this story over at the Daily Mail reporting a controversial trans influencer who was invited to the White House by Joe Biden showed off a bruised and scarred face after having 'feminization surgery'

Reporting that this Biden-tied influencer had gone through an operation that saw facial bones not only sanded down but cut off as well in an attempt to make 'it' look more like a woman, no wonder America has fallen off the deep end with that kind of abusive behavior towards one's own body and self now  considered 'normal' by the White House, with Biden even vowing to protect 'gender-affirming care.' 

So with 'Adam' and 'Eve' sure to disagree vehemently with the current administration policies and their ever-growing list of 'pronouns' such as ce, co, cy, ey and even ve, we see in that little push by the left alone why huge parts of America need to be in a mental hospital, with a man a man, and a woman a woman, no matter what 've' and Biden might think. 

And just think! They're pushing this insanity upon America's children now, too, who are far too young to decide if they want to have facial bones sanded down or body parts cut off, but are now being read stories by drag queens. Talk about total insanity in America. No wonder 10-year-old children are blowing away their parents for refusing to buy them 'toys' that will take them to other 'realities' because this world we live in is far from 'reality,' with kids and adults being fed an endless stream of lies. 

So before we continue, let's take a look at this story over at The Sun that shows us a leftists dream come true and gives us a good taste of where America is headed if Democrats get their way. Reporting on 'the purge law' that will allow judges to release criminals back onto the streets to commit more crimes, it's not too difficult to imagine such laws coming to states near us and re-emphasizes the importance of the 2nd Amendment and our God-given rights to defend ourselves should such madness come our way. 

CONTROVERSIAL new legislation branded "the Purge Law" by critics has gone into effect in Illinois, sparking fears that violent criminals will be put back into the streets. 

The SAFE-T Act includes a state-wide end to cash bail and a provision that prevents cops from searching for missing offenders until 48 hours after they're in violation.

The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today was passed in 2022 and put into effect on January 1, making Illinois the first state in the country to completely eliminate cash bail. 

This means pretrial detainees charged with crimes as serious as second-degree murder, aggravated battery and arson could now be released without a cash bond

The act made headlines when online critics compared it to The Purge movie where all crime becomes legal for one day a year. 

The law has mostly been rejected by the state's law enforcement community, with 100 of Illinois' 102 county prosecutors opposing it. 

It has also been slammed by the families of victims of violent crime, including Joy Dobbs, whose son Dakotah Earley, 23, was nearly killed in May when he was shot during a robbery. 

Dobbs told The U.S. Sun the law will "create a criminal's paradise" and "jeopardizes everyone." 

And with that story also reporting that Illinois appears to be leading a national trend towards the reduction or removal of cash bails giving us another sign where America is headed in the days and years ahead, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that the 'criminal-crats' are creating a 'criminal's paradise' that 'jeopardizes everyone' in these crazy days were living in. 

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With the National Post recently putting out this story reporting the COVID lockdowns 'messed with our brains,' increasing depression and anxiety in people all over the place, with another story reporting teen suicides have jumped between 12% and 18% in recent months, just imagine being a kid growing up in this insane day and age we're now living in, being fed lies and propaganda one can see are not 'truth.'

And while this new poll over at Rasmussen Reports reporting nearly half of Americans think COVID-19 vaccines may be to blame for many unexplained deaths, and more than a quarter say someone they know could be among the victims shows us that despite the non-stop lies and propaganda we're being fed about the 'vax,' a good portion of America is 'awakening,' that still means about half of America is totally clueless to what is going on, and will keep lining up for what could be their 'death injection.' 

So with the CDC sure to strongly object to my choice of words above, death injection, with them now getting into the 'policing of words' as Dr. Robert Malone warned in this substack entry titled "CDC Principles to Avoid Wrong-Speak - Our tax dollars at work," with the CDC actually putting out this story on their website titled "Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities," we see in this excellent entry from Zero Hedge via The American Thinker a story titled "Excerpts For The Democrat-To-English Dictionary: Updated For 2023."

Helping explain why so many on the left, and those who get their news from the mainstream media, are so out of touch with reality, the 'definitions' of every day words in the minds of the left shows us exactly why so many don't have a clue what's going on, actually believing anyone who doesn't believe exactly as they do to be 'white supremacists' or 'bigots' or even 'terrorists'. From that 'Democrat to English Dictionary' story.: 

Ableism: the idea that ability, competence, achievement, and merit are somehow better than their opposites. A disgusting remnant of a White, patriarchal society that must be eviscerated with all due haste. 

Bigotry: opposition to any belief or opinion held by a “progressive.”

Conservatism: an existential threat to our democracy, practiced by bad people. Must not be tolerated. 

Dr. Fauci: a God-like figure who actually exists, and selflessly serves humanity in the blessed name of “science.” Hallowed be His name and peace be upon Him forever and ever. Amen. 

Extremist: someone who disagrees with a Democrat. 

Far-right: this term is rightfully applied to any individuals or groups who oppose Democratic/woke policies and talking points. 

Fascist: someone who disagrees with a Democrat. 

Heterosexual: a boring, old, unhip, and often intolerant group of individuals that cling to outmoded ideas of sexual relationships and complementarity. 

Illegal aliens (more properly called “undocumented immigrant”): downtrodden and oppressed, these people must be allowed free access into our country and the freedom to go wherever they like, in any quantity, without restraint. They bring much needed diversity and skill sets to our land.

Justice: when Democrats prevail. (Antonym, injustice: when conservatives prevail.) 

Man: though there is no currently agreed on definition for this amorphous term, all can agree that testosterone-fueled toxic masculinity — and the patriarchy — are very bad things indeed. 

Mentally-challenged individual: someone who disagrees with a Democrat. 

Misinformation: any report, data, or information, regardless of veracity and legitimacy, that does not confirm/affirm Democrats’ talking points and advance their agenda.

Uniparty: used to describe the bipartisanship and unity to which we all aspire. Achieved when Republicans cave to our demands. (Which, fortunately, is nearly always.) 

Woman: there is no currently agreed on definition for this amorphous term.

So while the previously mentioned Rasmussen Reports poll shows that Americans are awakening to the vaxxes causing a mysterious slew of deaths as heard in the 1st video below, as we hear in the 2nd video "America Unhinged," that still means we'll continue to see these people 'dying suddenly' all across the country in the year ahead, with 50% or so of the country still completely clueless, sure to continue lining up for their next 'injection.' Because as Dr. Robert Malone warns us in the final video below, there's a massive psy-op upon the American people still ongoing as the genocidal globalists attempt to control our minds. No wonder so many people in  America have fallen off the deep end. 

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