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Monday, December 14, 2009

Political Activists Beware

Being a Political Activist nowadays, just may be inviting a taste of "1984".

I know that anything I post here, or on Facebook and Twitter is publicly viewable. I have no problem with that at all. But if anyone should get "sneaky" so to say, and take on a fakeness, to monitor and report on my political beliefs, to "whoever", I do have a problem with that.

What about here? Is it possible that some of the "imposters" we deal with, could be subversives? Makes you wonder...The "imposters" and the Government do share certain traits. Head up ass syndrome. I have noticed that similarity quite often.

But what I post here and elsewhere are merely opinions, and I can't be chastised for that can I? Maybe it is just my paranoia. I am a dyslectic paranoid after all, because I always think I, am following somebody.

"Big Brother", if you are watching, there is nothing to see here. I'm just a harmless Conservative. I thought I would save you some time.