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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Crazy, and a Conspiritist? Yes, and No.

Yep, crazy. No doubt about that! I was born to ask questions. It really isn't my fault. I want to know about a certain certificate. I want to know about past acquaintances. I want to know about everything. I want to know why a certain person gets into the White House, when most are denied, and a Barbie/Palestinian couple gets in. Take a look.
My favorite quote: "I have known Bob for over twenty years, around the same time he hired Rahm Emanuel as a fundraiser (sorry Bob – no one is perfect) and when he met Barack Obama as an organizer in Chicago. As the youngster in the predecessor organization to US Action, I sometimes clashed with some of the other longer serving Directors from other state affiliates, but not Bob. Even during the most difficult times I was always impressed by Bob’s passion for justice and his optimistic belief in the possibility for change. I am very happy that Bob has been able to share these traits with everyone in Listen to Your Mother."

Read the names.
Let's put this back up.

And Beck tears into it.

Enough? Just like all of my blogs. You can do this for yourself. It's a Google thing. I am simply bringing it to your attention. It can be classified as a lie in my mind? Nope, remember, I am crazy! :) But then, I am a Conspiritist? No, I am a truthist!

The internet holds so much information. And I told you I will explore lies. But the above seems to be truth. Obama surrounds himself with like minded individuals. Tell me I am wrong.