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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Left Against The Left On Obamacare

An interesting pattern has emerged along with Harry Reid's monstrosity of bill, Obamacare or healthcare, whatever you want to call it and the far left seems to be contradicting, well, the far left.

FireDogLake stands in the Howard Dean crowd of "kill the bill" while others, such as Erza Klein continue to try to defend the bill, while people like RJ Eskow from Crooks and Liars asks Klein and others to stop ignoring and manipulating information to benefit their own political point of view.

Not only has the wheeling, dealing and bribery from Harry Reid and other Democratic political leaders, started to alienate the majority of American voters, it has divided the left from the moderate left and both from the progressive liberal left.

Going into 2010, with Democratic double digit losses in the House already expected, and Republican challengers ahead of Democratic incumbents in the Senate, such as Harry Reid, the last thing the left needs is their own party divided into three, yet Democratic political leaders continue to slice and dice and divide their own party.

While the obamacare battle is not over by a long shot, the Senate still has another vote, then the House and Senate have to merge their bills, then more rounds of votes must be had, so our eyes need to be on that ball, but we also have to start working on seeing these politicians who are ignoring the will of the majority of people, lose their seats in 2010, then more in 2012.

We need to start supporting, helping, writing and doing everything in our power to take back the House and the Senate and in 2012, the White House.