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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pinch Us Because We Must Be Dreaming

From The Marston Chronicles

There is no way that what is happening can be real so I must be dreaming as are we all. I can prove to you that this must be the case and that we must all be having the same hallucinatory dream. Think back to 2003 for a moment. You are in a bookstore and you see a best selling novel set a few years in the future in Washington DC that is all about political intrigue. In this novel the author has made up this scenario whereby you are asked to imagine this future he has created.

In this future set just a few years ahead, we are asked to believe America has elected a black male President when blacks make up only 12.3% of the population and we have done this before even electing a female President. Okay, that is realistic enough since there are a lot of intelligent competent black Americans who have the necessary credentials to run this country. One can image Colin Powell being President or even getting a two for one by electing a black female President like Dr. Condoleezza Rice. However, the author wants you to believe that instead we have elected a black male who was known for having strong socialist tendencies based on his own statements. Not only that, but he has clearly associated with unsavory characters who have been known unrepentant domestic terrorists, blatant racists and convicted felons. Now who is going to believe that we would elect anyone who could not get a security clearance to be his own bodyguard and essentially give him the highest security clearance of all?

Everyone knows what a field day the news media would have pointing all of this out to the American public. After all, you get Pulitzer Prizes for pulling down a politician with a track record like this. There would be a news media feeding sensation with each of them trying to outdo the other to reveal in a breathless voice the next documented (or maybe even undocumented ones like Dan Rather did) scandal. What publisher would accept a manuscript with such a cockamamie premise? If that is not enough to invoke disbelief, the author wants you to believe that we would elect a man President who spent his formative years going to a Muslim school in a place like Indonesia. How could he be a "natural born citizen" under such circumstances even if he was born in Hawaii? Why would anyone believe we would elect a man with Muslim sympathies a mere seven years after 9/11?

We are all willing to suspend belief for the sake of a good story but this is getting ridiculous. Finally, this man has no experience in business and has never had to meet a payroll. Most businessmen would not hire him to push a wheelbarrow and even then only to satisfy an affirmative action quota. But actually he has been an affirmative action bonus baby all the way. He has never had to earn anything because it all has been handed to him on a silver platter because of the color of his skin. The author wants us to believe that the American people would actually do such a racist thing because of some imaginary guilt complex about slavery on the part of the 74.3% of the American people who just happen to have white skin.

But wait, it gets even better. Along with electing this black President, the American voters gave his party control of both houses of Congress including a filibuster proof Senate. They in turn have tried to jam a legislative agenda down the throats of the American people that is opposed by a clear majority of the people. They have ruled that carbon dioxide is a "pollutant" and giving the EPA authority to regulate anything producing more than 250 tons of carbon dioxide in a year. That includes the vast majority of all businesses, and all schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc in the entire country. They are passing a so-called health care reform bill that requires everyone to obtain health insurance or pay a fine for not doing so. Failure to pay the fine gets you a jail sentence. The bill even contains language that makes it impossible to ever repeal certain provisions of it.

Everyone knows that the cardinal rule of politics is to get re-elected. This author actually wants us to believe that even though they do not have one single vote from the opposing party, that politicians would commit political suicide by passing such a bill. Such foolish things are only done by ideologues and they make poor politicians. Not only that but the author has them get the necessary votes to do so with out and out bribes right out in front of a credulous public. When this is pointed out to them, their attitude is: Too bad because we are going to do it anyway. When it is pointed out that the Constitution does not give them the authority to do this, their attitude is: The Constitution allows us to do whatever we feel is necessary because we can always find enough liberal activist judges who agree with us. What politician in the real world could ever be so credulous and naive?

Even political novices know that messing with social security and medicare is the third rail of politics. How can the author want us to believe that any politician would pull $500,000,000,000 out of medicare for any reason whatsoever when some of them represent districts where one out of every four voters is over 65? He wants us to believe that the largest association of retired people would sell out their membership by approving this bill. He wants us to believe that the AMA would do the same thing. Obviously this author does not know the first thing about American politics. You really just cannot make stuff like this up and get anyone to believe you. That is why this cannot be some book published in 2003 that has all this nonsense in it.

That is why this must be a dream. We must all be having this dream at the same time because it just cannot be true. It makes no sense whatsoever. What a total nightmare! Pinch us all so we can wake up and know this was just a bad dream. I just pinched myself and I am still having this dream. How about you? Are you having the same dream? If you are not, help me wake up. Please? Pretty please with sugar and molasses on it?