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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Taylor Marsh On Obama: 'an executive who can’t bring himself to lead.'


Taylor Marsh was and still is a Hillary Clinton fan and supporter, but after the presidential election, while she never rubber stamped Obama and his bad decisions, at least supported the Democrat that took the White House.

She is fed up though and calling Obama out and spanking him while she is at it.

While liberals are ranting and raving against Joseph Lieberman for insisting on the Medicare buy-in be taken out of the Obamacare bill before he will even consider voting for cloture, and some ranting against the White House for pushing Harry Reid to accomodate Lieberman and still others ranting against Reid himself, Marsh pulls out all the stops.

The Senate proving it’s a failed institution if the Democratic majority can only support legislation that does nothing close to what it’s original intent was meant to be. With senators unwilling to stand up on principle rather than the holy writ of getting any win, no matter what it means. But the anger directed towards Joe Lieberman is off by a branch. Where this failure lands is on Pres. Obama’s doorstep; an executive who can’t bring himself to lead.

Pres. Obama is desperate for “a win” on (and everyone, especially Joe Lieberman, knows it), because he took for granted that it would be easy to get it done. Naive doesn’t even come close to the President’s miscalculation, but that’s what happens when you stand too long looking into the reflecting pool.

She then publishes a reader's question to Obama:

What kind of bubble is Obama living in? Forcing everyone to buy healthcare insurance when companies have monopolies in each state and there is no low cost alternative?

This is a gift to the Republicans – when middle and lower class Americans find out that the way they are now covered by Obama’s plan is that they will be fined or penalized if they don’t buy insurance companies there will be millions of VERY ANGRY people.

Who will they be angry at? Why the owner of the brand new government health plan – Barack Obama.

Marsh goes on to compare what Hillary would have done compared to what Obama hasn't even tried to do and much much more over at the Taylor Marsh's site, go read the rest for yourself.

Liberals are getting angrier and angrier as the day goes on and news spreads about the collapse of the Medicare buy-in and Hillary supporters are reminding people that are unhappy with how things are being handled in Washington, that they warned them, repeatedly about Obama, so, basically one could say... they are getting exactly what they deserve.


Right about now I bet Hillary is chuckling to herself. Rightly so.