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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Polls Show Americans Against Obamacare

Wall Street Journal points to a few polls that show that Americans, if given a choice between Obamacare and doing nothing at all about America's healthcare system, they choose nothing at all over Obamacare.

Fox, CNN and Public Policy Polling all confirm each other.

This column has long been arguing that the health-care ideas Congress is considering are so bad that inaction would be vastly preferable. Fox reports that a majority of Americans in a new poll now agree with us:

While 41 percent of Americans want Congress to pass major health care reform legislation this year, a 54 percent majority says they would rather Congress "do nothing on health care for now," up from 48 percent who felt that way in July.

The poll finds that 57% of Americans oppose "the health care reform legislation being considered right now."

To be sure, this is Fox, which according to the White House is not a legitimate news organization because it reports the news even when it casts President Obama in a bad light. But a CNN poll found that an even bigger majority--61%--oppose the Senate's version of the ObamaCare bill.

The story on the poll ignores this, focusing instead on the finding that Democrats have only a 1% lead, 40% to 39%, when survey participants are asked which party's control of Congress would make the country better off. This is the slenderest advantage for the Dems since July 2002.

A third survey, from Public Policy Polling, found that 52% of registered voters oppose "President Obama's health care plan."

The sub header on the piece says it all with "ObamaCare is now almost as unpopular as it is monstrous."