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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

CO2, Trees, You, and Boortz

Told you I would get to this lie. :)

CO2. Without it, you die. Apparently, according to the EPA, with it you die also! That seems to be a contradiction doesn't it? Been a lot of contradictions in today's world, most driven by money, in some way, shape or form.
Bear with me....pun intended...later you will get it.

The EPA:
Seems the EPA has listed CO2 as a "Harmful Gas" Whatever..The EPA simply sidestepped Congress, waiting for Cap and Trade to evolve. It means, in simple terms, or I can speak slowly so Liberals can get it, when Cap and Tax, or however you decide to call it, gets voted in (remember people, you don't get to vote here), EPA has a total control of this gas. They can come into any business, no matter how large, or small, and declare a violation! Here is the EPA' stance before the Senate vote, or the Copenhagen Summit. Later on the private jets that they use to travel to and fro.

Boring huh?
Read some of Neal Boortz. He gets a handle on it, rude and crude as he is.

Now, I am having problems embedding videos. It's me, and I'll get it fixed, but you have to link to them the old fashioned way. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hopefully by now, most of you understand what CO2 is, and why it is so important to life itself. Now let's see if you understand where most of this "Dangerous Gas" comes from. This is an older video. Lot of reading, hit pause once in awhile, and read the graphs. Interesting to say the least.
Wow! Did I do that? Thanx to Conservative Cavalry

Now, back to the EPA, and Copenhagen Liars Convention, (CLC). EPA named the bad gas, and the Attendees of Copenhagen did not get there by driving a Hybrid. Contradiction created? If the EPA is right, do not breathe on me. I will sue you! Also, if the EPA is right, and the CLC is correct also, flying into Copenhagen can cause this. Get a large umbrella folks! If you are squeamish, or have children, do not watch the video.

Now. What do you believe? WUA has already covered most of the bases about the False E Mails, that B. Boxer wants to prosecute the hackers. Hackers need to do more work IMHO! Hack Boxers E Mail!....Not sure if I want to see that though. I am afraid it may contain nudity.

And imploring the FDA! Please! If you take over control over CO2, leave my Pepsi and Beer alone! IDIOTS, LIARS, and THIEVES!
Next lie: Stay tuned......Maybe Afghanistan? Or a White House Party? You let me know.