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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Silence is no Longer Deafening

For a while it appeared that our voices were crying in the wilderness, but no longer. The blogosphere has finally awakened to the fact that the Obama health care takeover may well ride on the results of the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat. It will be held on January 19th in Massachusetts. As we all know, the Democrats now have 60 votes in the Senate and that means they can override any attempt at halting the health care monstrosity by using a filibuster. They can only do this when all 60 Democrat Senators vote to stop debate and act on a bill. If the Republican candidate in that special election, Scott Brown, wins then health care can be talked to death.

The Democrat candidate, Martha Coakley is on record as being in favor of the health care bill and Scott Brown is adamantly opposed. Thus it does not matter whether you live in Massachusetts or not. What happens in Massachusetts will determine if Obama care finally passes or not. Most people who are political activists know that Massachusetts is just about the bluest state in the country so what chance would a conservative Republican have there? The answer would ordinarily be not much chance at all but a special election is a whole different kettle of fish. Republicans always turnout better than Democrats but that difference grows ever so much larger in a special election let alone one being held in the freezing cold weather in January in Massachusetts.

Now that the blogosphere is piling on about this election, more money and support will be coming Scott's way. Just because everyone has been assuming that Martha Coakley has a lock on this election, including her, she has just been coasting on to what should be a certain victory. That is a huge mistake. Scott Brown is one of five Republicans senators in the Massachusetts state senate. He has Mitt Romney's endorsement. He is an extremely good looking and articulate candidate. He and his family are a breath of fresh air in the corrupt politics of Massachusetts. His daughter, Ayla Brown, was a contestant on American Idol where she made it to the final eight. His wife and daughters are all very attractive and obviously talented.

The mainstream media have all been silent on this critical election and that is a good thing. There is not even a current poll available to give us a feel of how well Scott is doing. Several articles in the blogosphere and the Boston Herald have wondered why the Republican National Committee has not been pouring money into this race since the passage of health care is riding on it. It is true that the RNC has made some really dumb decisions in recent years but ignoring this critical race would be a totally incompetent thing to do. That makes me strongly suspect that they have been waiting until the first of the year to step in big time. That way fundraising for the fourth quarter will not show much money available and by the time the January fundraising figures are available, the election will be over.

That is what I would do if I were them and I find out hard to believe that they have not adopted the same strategy. They want the Democrats to stay lulled in their thinking that they have already won this election. If they really are that asleep at the switch at the RNC then maybe all of this activity in the blogosphere criticizing them for dropping the ball will cause them to adopt this strategy now and make it appear it was their strategy all along. If the RNC does pour a million into this race, it can be won as long as the Democrats do not wake up until it is too late.

You can do your part to derail Obama care by going to and contribute money and/or your time. Even if you do not live in Massachusetts, you can make phone calls for them from home using your cell phone with free long distance calling.

Scott Brown for U. S. Senate