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Monday, December 28, 2009

HUAS Of The Weak

Whoa! He changed the picture! I wonder why? Well, because this weeks winner did not vote for, or support Obama, so I can't really put him down like the original pic does. But he did have his head hidden in a private place for awhile on Saturday.

This man is a very close friend of mine. We speak often, and exchange ideas. I consider us both to be intelligent.

I'll make this rather short, to save him too much embarassment. Saturday, his PC crashed. He had everything backed up on a second hard drive. Pictures, music, movies, important things from politics, and so on. To repair said PC, he simple reformatted and reloaded Windows.

Oooops, he forgot to disconnect aforementioned Hard Drive! You should have seen his face when he discovered that 4 years of saving was gone! He spent all weekend getting back just the normal items he uses everyday! Blogging, E Mail, etc.

So I dedicate this last HUAS of 2009 to my personal friend......,