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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Crazy Liberal Aims At Palin And Hits Cop


A man was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing on Monday at the Mall of America.

Jeremy Olson, 33, allegedly threw two tomatoes from the second balcony, however did not come close to hitting Palin.

Bloomington Police report that Bloomington Commander Mark Stehlik was struck in the face with one of the tomatoes and may face charges for assaulting a police officer. Olson was booked at the Bloomington jail. He was arrested for suspicion of assault and disorderly conduct.

More than 1,000 people turned out at the Mall of America Rotunda on Monday for Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" book signing.

Palin started signing books at noon for those brave enough to wait in a long line that started around 5 a.m.

Michelle Malkin has added Olson's mugshot to the longggggggg list of other crazy liberal, "conservative-hating criminal thugs," with a nice little photo gallery of them all... go take a look.

Hot Air asks:

Update: It occurs to me that this is more violence than anyone saw from Tea Party protesters. Will that fact get hours of analysis on MS-NBC? Don’t hold your breath.

The left hails Olson as their new hero. How special.

The right is highly amused at his idiocy of 1) throwing the tomato, 2) Missing and 3) hitting a cop with it.

As for Sarah Palin, she is laughing her way to the bank as her book tops the non-fiction New York Times best seller list for the second week in a row.