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Monday, December 07, 2009

Glenn Beck and Truth

I am watching Beck as as I type. His show today annoys me, not because of Glenn Beck himself, but from a story he talks about. I believe Becks' comments to be true as far as I can see, but to clear any doubt, I checked on this one. No, not the convicted criminal, who wrote a book outlining the current Health Care bill, who also happened to be at the notorious "White House Party". This is the story of a poor man who lost his Health Care during chemotherapy, and died as a result. Otto Razzatz was his name...

I checked up on Beck. Seems he tells the truth, and Obama lied to Congress, and you. You aren't surprised are you? I'll start in Obamas' hometown of Chicago! Chicago Sun Times

I could understand one place on the net being wrong, but then there is this...PolitiFact

Hmmm...I could do this all day, and it always come up the same. We could say Obama merely manipulated the truth in order to get sympathetic reaction from Congress, and you, although you don't get to vote on the issue. I have another word for his comment. LIE!

The word lie pops up a lot around this adminstration doesn't it. Lie, manipulation, mis-spoke, whatever you want to call it.

Don't take my word, and the Sun Times, but search this phrase yourself...see what you come up with..."Man in Illinois loses Health Care during Chemotherapy". Then you be the Judge on who lies..Glenn Beck? Or Barack Obama? So much gets distorted from our President, you get tired of listening, that's why I didn't remember the original story. I watched the address, but didn't listen.

More lies to come: Next is the Fact that Water Vapor is the most abundant cause of CO2. Is that possible?