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Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to Stop Obama Care Now

Even a lot of Conservative activists have not yet realized that if Obama care passes, we are stuck with it until at least 2013. Why is that you ask? Why can't we just repeal the thing after the 2010 elections? As we just found out if we did not already know, it takes 60 votes in the Senate to get anything big done. That not only includes passing legislation but repealing it as well. The Republicans only have 40 votes so they need to gain 20 seats to undo this beast if it passes. There are only 19 Democrat seats in the Senate up for election in 2010. Thus there is no way to get 20 more votes until 2012. Even if we won a lot of seats and managed to get a repeal passed, Obama would veto it and then you need 67 votes in the Senate and 290 in the House.

On top of that, there is no way to gain 19 seats in the Senate. Three of them are lost causes (Schumer, Leahy and Inouye). We have a real chance in Washington and Wisconsin, but there is no viable Republican running and you cannot beat someone with nobody. The bottom line is that Conservatives are royally screwed if Obama care passes because by the time we have enough votes to repeal it, the benefits will be kicking in. Once that happens, it is all over because no one can repeal an entitlement program once the benefits start. Could you repeal Medicare? That right there tells you what we are up against.

The Democrats understand this very well and that is why they are willing to take huge losses in 2010 to get Obama care through. Our only hope is to prevent Obama care from passing in the first place. How can we possibly make sure that it does not pass? The answer is to take the 60th vote away from the Democrats so that the final bill cannot get through the Senate. Apparently lost on just about everyone, including the leadership of the Republican Party, that 60th vote is up for grabs in less than a month from now.

There is a special election being held on January 19th to fill the old Ted Kennedy seat. Ordinarily, a Senate seat in Massachusetts would be a lost cause, but not in a special election. Scott Brown is a viable candidate and he has a real chance to win because special elections have low voter turnout which strongly favors Republicans. Yet no one is getting on board to help this guy because they just assume it is a lost cause. Instead of bitching about how screwed we are, how about doing something about it?

Go to: and donate every cent you can spare. We can take that 60th vote away from Reid and then health care will never pass. If we do not do this and send the Democrats a real message, we really are screwed. If you live in Massachusetts or even in New Hampshire near the border, volunteer to get the Republican vote out on January 19th. All you need are a list of the voters who are Republicans and their phone number. The Scott campaign should be able to supply that. You just get the phone numbers added to the voter files by a commercial service. I do it for clients all the time. You can do this from your home even if you live somewhere else and have a cell phone with free long distance.

Please listen to a long time political strategist and believe me when I tell you that this is our only chance to stop Obama care dead in its tracks. If you are dead set against Obama care and the takeover of a sixth of our economy by the government, this is how you can do something about it. While I live in Arizona, I was born and raised in Massachusetts. This is doable if everyone will just get busy and help Scott Brown.