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Friday, December 11, 2009

Democrats Or Republicans Running Congress: CNN Poll Finds Statistical Tie

CNN Politics page:

Eleven months before crucial midterm elections, a national poll indicates that the public is divided over whether the country would be better off with Democrats or Republicans controlling Congress.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Thursday, 40 percent of people questioned say the U.S. would be better off if Democrats ran Congress while 39 percent feel things would be better if Republicans took charge on Capitol Hill. The 1-point margin is a statistical tie.

Support for Democrats is down from a 10-point advantage in August and a 25-point margin in January.

Democrats, in just 11 months have erased their 25 point lead over Republicans as to who the public feels is better to run Congress.

Surprising numbers on healthcare as well in the same poll.

All 435 seats in the House and more than a third in the Senate are up for grabs in November 2010. Democrats will be defending their 258-177 margin in the House and 20-seat advantage in the Senate.

The poll also indicates Americans are split on which party they trust more to handle major changes to the country's health care system. Forty-three percent say they trust congressional Democrats more on health care reform, with four in 10 feeling Republicans would do a better job. The 3-point margin for Democrats is within the survey's sampling error.

According to the poll, a very large majority of Americans think that the health care bill that the U.S. Senate is considering would raise the federal deficit and raise their taxes, and while they think that the bill would help many families, only one in five think they would benefit personally if the bill becomes law.

"As a result, more than six in 10 say they oppose the Senate health care bill," Holland said. "Republicans obviously don't like the bill, but two-thirds of independents also say they are against it."

You can see the full poll results here. (PDF)

In related news, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the house, has been quoted by The Hill, as saying
"I think we would do almost anything if it meant we would pass healthcare for all Americans before the Christmas holidays. It may be that we can’t, and it will have to be a New Year's present to the American people. But as soon as we can, we will."

What is with these arbitrary time lines they continue to try to meet?

First, Obama wanted Obamacare passed by August before the politicians took their August vacations and when it did not get passed, the world did not end. Yet they continue to set some sort of timer on when Obamacare must be passed.

Why? So the American people do not have time to delve into the final bill, the language and the ramifications before it becomes law?

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