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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HUAS of the Weak

In memory of Roger Gardner, I passed this on to Tuesday night. I have to say that I did not have much contact with Roger, I did read Radarsite often. Rest in peace. Well deserved peace.

OK, life must go on. I found the perfect candidate for the award this week. Not all winners/whiners, are politicians. Without these people, we would all have something better to do! From Bastard Obama

Renee, from Virginia, I do not know you, but I welcome you to the fold of HUAS winners. I am not singling you out though, you have many others that can share this award with you. Truth hurts, when your head is up your keister. (that probably does not feel good either)

Kudos to Mr. Savage!

And to the rest of you, without my usual sarcasm, I really do wish you a Very Merry Christmas! And a special shout out to Pat! I am Skeez. A name given to me as a youngster, from a dear, departed friend. Skeezix is the long name, taken from the early 1900s comic strip "Gasoline Alley".