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Monday, December 21, 2009

OBAMA Unleashes Media Matters to Attack Israel and Praise Goldstone Report

Media Matters is President Obama's Media watchdog. Its role is to attack public figures, talking heads, politicians, bloggers, just about anybody who says anything bad about the President or his policies. Now Rather than concentrating on the counter-attack the group is going directly against Israel, once again showing Obama's true colors regarding the Jewish State.

As anti-Israel attackers tend to do, Obama uses an Jew to lead the charge against the Jewish State, in this case its, MJ Rosenberg, Jewish-Lobby conspiracy theorist, bully with a keyboard, self-proclaimed
violator of national security.

To be honest I have only cross paths with Rosenberg's writing twice before, in the matter of Chas Freeman President Obama's pick for NIC Chairman who was a tool for both the Saudi and Chinese government and in the matter of Steve Rosen, the former AIPAC who was
wrongly charged with espionage (the charges were dropped this year). In both cases,  Rosenberg’s strategy has been is to attack people personally, throw around the “N” word (neo-con), twist words around (including mine) and accuse those of us who have differ from his point of view as hell-bent to run the foreign policy of the United States of America.

Now Obama is sending a "hired Jew" (MJ Rosenberg) and
Media Matters to do his dirty work against Israel.
This week there was new evidence that mainstream progressives are confronting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After years of silence on the issue, progressives are coming around to understanding that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not just a "Jewish" or "Muslim" issue but one that affects all Americans.

It was reported on Wednesday that Israel Policy Forum, where I worked for a decade before coming to Media Matters Action Network, is moving into the Center for American Progress, the progressive think-tank

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