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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tea Party Letter

I get many letters from this man. He is the founder of our Liberty Party. His thoughts are the same as mine. He just talks better than I do. I tend to be sarcastic. :)
It is a truth that money talks, but does it not also be a truth, that truth talks? I too like, and would like to see Sarah Palin. She could take it both ways, go National, raise the money, but come down to earth and visit us sometimes. We are the real electors! We, have the vote! WE, need no more isolationism! (me)

The Letter:

"Greetings Patriots:

I recently received notification of a National Tea Party Convention slated to take place February 4th-6th in Nashville, Tennessee.
I personally had some concerns in regards to this event and others slated to be held during the Tea Party "indoor season."
The National Tea Party event will easily cost over $1000.00 per person when you figure in accommodations, travel and food. What average working person can can afford that? I am left pondering who will, in fact, be able to attend? Could not the funds used for participation in this event be better spent on the local level to further aims there? There is a lot of money involved here. It would print a lot of fliers, buy advertising, rent facilities for local events.

Don't get me wrong, I'd like to go see Sarah Palin just as much as anyone else. But it seems an inordinate sum of money for an average working person to spend. It's just like the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) event in DC. A ticket for all the "festivities" is $750.00. Couple that with a hotel bill of $850- $1500.00 for the three day event, plus food and transportation, and you've got a sizable chunk of change. Once again, can an average working person afford to attend such a thing and if so, could not those funds be of greater utility on the local level?

My salient point is this- if we continue to set up an elite, if we continue to try to emulate the structure and elitism that currently exists and has resulted in the current political malaise that we have in this country, can we really expect different results? We could very well wind up with the same type of oligarchy that we have now only through an agency of the Right as opposed to one of the Left.

Just a caveat that I throw out for consideration. A government is for, by and of ALL the people, not just those who can afford to buy tickets to the "inside track.'

Thanks and God Bless America,

Gregg Nicholl, Middletown Liberty Group"

Well said! It starts at ground level.