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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1st Edition: Head Up Ass Syndrome Award

Susan, you asked, actually just mentioned. But I'll run with it anyway. Thanx to Glenn Beck BTW.
My first introduction to the HUAS award of the week. Jane Hamsher, leftist blogger for FireDog Lake. Here is what she says: (hope you haven't eaten yet)

Here is what others think. I love the Signature of this site! Liberalism is a persistent vegetative state. From Confederate Yankee

Why she wins the award? Check out Little Green Footballs
Note the line.."The picture has now been removed from Hamsher’s post, with no explanation or apology." Ahh, but we got it! Naughty Naughty!

God forbid that a "righty" would post such idiocy! Why..I would be labled a racist!
Winner! Hands down! Jane Hamsher, you are the recipient of WUAs first weekly HUAS trophy! Congratulations!
Al Gore will have to wait. This woman has her head so far up, she is probably reading between her teeth! Give her a hand, or some Charmin.......


[Update- Susan] HUAS stands for "Head up ass syndrome".... a new award we will offer for those that are so clueless we feel they have their head stuck permanently up there.