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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Veterans War Memorials Defaced

[Major Update below]

Defacing our Veterans Memorials is "supporting" the troops to the anti-war crowd. Their hatred for our military that risk life and limb on a daily basis is apparent by the disrespect shown by vandalizing the War Memorials.

Yesterday, via email from (Dean- Name added), we see that the Sacramento Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on the Capitol grounds was vandalized and Dean, a veteran himself, is highly pissed off, with good reason.

At the MAF rally here in Sacramento yesterday none of the buzzin' little bastards showed up...they had already done their damage to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial located on the Capitol grounds here.

The sons of bitches trashed the place and spray painted their (redacted) slogans all over. That memorial has the names of 5 California sailors I knew that died in Nam. 2 of them very close friends. In DC there are 22 names of guys I knew some of them close. They won't ever get to see these beautiful memorials because they are dead.

So excuse me for being Mr. Asshole but I cannot take this crap anymore. No more trying to be reasonable, no more trying to argue with these vermin...I will go on the offensive and get right down in the mud with 'em.

I'll do my best to just ignore their worthless comments but just in case, this is fair warning.

The news articles about the war memorials being destroyed are all over the web, but I do not see many talking about it.

CBS 13 on Sept. 3, 2007:

CBS13) SACRAMENTO Vandals have hit the Veterans War Memorial at Sacramento's Capitol Park. Veterans say it is a recurring problem and now they're fighting back.

He spent 3 years serving in Vietnam, and now Ken Nelson spends his days taking care of those who didn't make it back.

“This is the second best memorial in the country,” Nelson says.

Nearly every day, Nelson protects the more than 5,200 names at the Vietnam War Memorial. But often, while polishing the bronze statues, he finds himself picking up what vandals left behind.

“People sleeping, use it for a toilet, total disrespect, it kind of hurt me,” he says.

Nelson says it's been going on for some time. People litter, deface the statues, climb the flag pole, and just yesterday, sprayed graffiti.

“They don't have appreciation for the sacrifice people made, you know these people died,” says Stephen Holm, a visitor to the memorial.

Surveillance cameras look over the memorial, but Nelson says it's not enough. He's asked investigators to step in and keep a closer eye on visitors. The California Highway Patrol says it's listening.

“We have bicycle patrol...officers on horseback,” says Officer Bill Brandon.

Changes that may just keep vandals away, and let a veteran focus on what he came out here to do.

“These guys gave their lives for change and no one respects it and I'm here to see it doesn't happen,” says Nelson.

Go watch the video of another angry veteran who is sick and tired of seeing this type of vandalism and disrespect shown to those that fought and died for our great country.

The Eagle Tribune, Sept. 1, 2007:

ANDOVER — The lyrics of a 1970s protest song and a reference to Iraq were scrawled on the town’s Vietnam Veterans Memorial this week.

“War, what is it good for, absolutely nothin,” was written in red marker along with a peace sign.

Near the base of the memorial where the phrase “our cause is just” is etched, a vandal wrote “just like in Iraq.”

The lyrics are from “War,” a song that Motown soul singer Edwin Starr popularized in 1970.

Michael Burke, director of veteran services, covered the graffiti with blue painter’s tape and paper yesterday, while he decided how to best remove it.

There was no structural damage to the stone monument which was dedicated May 29, 2006, in The Park near the corner of Chestnut and Whittier streets, close to Town Offices.

The Park is a popular teenage hangout on summer nights.

Police Lt. Harry Collins said the vandalism was under investigation.

Burke said he would call in Methuen Monument to assess the damage.

“We could probably scrub it off, but we don’t want to damage the monument,” he said.

In Haverhill earlier this summer, vandals ruined parts of a Korean War Memorial and spray painted a World War II monument.

August 13, 2007 from AM900/CHML:

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - A Hamilton monument built to honour sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers at Dieppe has been marred by vandalism a week before its dedication.

Dieppe veteran Jack McFarland says he was devastated when he discovered the waterfront monument had been defaced.

He says someone marred the granite at the centre of the monument and pried off a bronze replica of a badge that adorned one side.

The plaque cost 350-thousand dollars and was unveiled four years ago, on the 61st anniversary of the Dieppe raid.

He says both sides of a city sign pointing to the monument had also been spray painted.

At the top of this blog you will see we have been collecting for the Beeville War Memorial that was destroyed, which we brought to you back in May.

The stories go on and on, just do a couple of searches to see how big of a problem is becoming.

Our Veterans deserve better than this.

While we have Patriots of our country fighting to support the troops and their mission, we have the anti-war crowd running around destroying Veteran Memorials.

What a contrast.

Does anyone still want to claim these vandals, these criminals "support our troops"?

[Update] 9/13/07- Welcome Malkin readers, in case you missed the news, a U.S. citizen, anti-war protester, could not find a soldier to kill so he hacked up a dutch student and lets not forget how other anti-war protesters showed their "patriotism". That is what they have become and that is who the Democrats have deliberately aligned themselves with. [End Update]

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