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Monday, September 24, 2007

In Honor of Sgt, Eddie Jeffers--RIP Part #2

We brought you a letter written by one of our Fallen Heroes, Eddie Jeffers, the other day. (Hat Tip to Michelle, thanks for the email,only the relevant portions of the email will be shown here)

This is an update.

Hi Susan,

I wanted to pass this along a couple of things to you.

First, this is a great article: titled “the Devil and the Democrats”. I thought you might enjoy it.

I talked to Eddie’s dad this morning. His dad has designated a charity for memorials in Eddie’s honor.

Fisher House is the “Ronald McDonald House” of the military. It is a place where the family of an injured soldier can stay, free of charge, during extended hospital stays of their sons or daughters. David has asked that all donations in his son’s honor be sent there.

Here is the link:

He will be posting on his blog site the links as well.

Thanks Susan,