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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Retired Air Force Colonel Wants to Sue


I received and email from Retired Air Force Colonel Gregory S. Hollister which I will be posting after redacting his home address and cell and home phone numbers.

To say that the ad attacking the credibility of General Petraeus has upset and angered veterans and active military members off is a massive understatement.

In a previous post we showed you one Iraq veteran as well as the American Legion expressing the same checked anger at and this email is from yet another.


I served 20 years in the Air Force, retiring as a full Colonel. I am a graduate of Marine Corps Command and Staff College, Armed Forces Staff College, Army War College and various Air Force colleges and schools. I served on the Joint Staff and have worked with, or for, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps bosses. The point is, I have a connection with every branch of our military services.

Never have I been so taken aback and outraged as I was by the Leftist Organization, Move On.Org’s, advertisement portraying General Petraeus as a betrayer, thus, defaming his character and committing libel.

Therefore, I am initiating an effort to sue Move On.Org on the General’s behalf. The entire amount of the successful suit, less legal fees, will be used to start a fund providing support to families of deceased veterans of the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as veterans wounded in these conflicts.

The suit will be in the amount of $1billion, require a formal and well publicized apology, along with the disestablishment of Move On.Org itself.

We, in the profession of arms, take an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. We do not take an oath to support the President, the Congress, or the DoD. the oath is to the Constitution, its values and ideals. This includes the guarantee of free speech, however, it also provides that we, the defenders of freedom, have certain rights as well. One such right is to defend ourselves when our integrity and honor are defamed. Move On.Org not only crossed the line in that regard – they are nowhere near it in this libelous action.

It is my intent to enlist a former Democratic Senator’s assistance in this effort, Sam Nunn. Senator Nunn is held in high regard throughout the world as a man of integrity and honor. While not practicing law at this time, I am hopeful that he will commit to this effort. I have already put the question to him and am waiting for his reply.

To do this, I need your help. Please contact me at to arrange for a contribution, help raise funding, or provide legal assistance.

Turn MoveOn.Org into MoveOn.GONE!

Gregory S. Hollister, Colonel, USAF, Retired
(Redacted by Spree)
Colorado Springs, CO 80908
Cell – (Redacted by Spree)
Home – (Redacted by Spree)

If you know any lawyers that would willing to help Col. Hollister, please email him at the email address above.

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